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If your wondering why we decided to become Breeders and out of all Breeds, "Bengals". I'll tell you. This has always been a passion of mine, from a little girl, born and raised in Florida, I had been allergic to Cats, Dogs, Horses and other animals. It was very depressing because I couldn't enjoy them, let alone be around them very long, and my family bred Miniature pitcher dovie dogs. As I got older the feeling was awful having to take allergy pills every day. My mother always told me: "our furry animals are the best therapy there is", sadly I couldn't ever truly experience that feeling until one day my family stumbled upon a Bengal. I could breath and cuddle him, I was in heaven. We named him Spazy because he was so hyper, and very intelligent, we didn't know Bengals naturally were hypoallergenic at the time. Spazy was a silver Bengal and his coat shined so beautifully. He wasn't like the other cats we had, he got huge too which is uncommon in the Bengal line. Spazy's personality was so different than any other cat we ever had, he truly stole my heart, little did he know the impact he had on me that changed my whole life and future.


When I was about 12 years old I did research on Bengals, I always wanted to own my own snow leopard or a black panther but I never wanted to get eaten by one and the risk are pretty high. Bengals were a purfect balance of having the wild side of beauty and yet being safe and cuddly, where I wouldn't get eaten. After years of research and then moving to Wisconsin, I wanted to start my life and become a Bengal Breeder. Back in 2012 I had searched around for Breeders, unfortunately I wasn't able to have, or start up everything it actually took to be a Breeder, since I learned there's a lot more then putting a Male and a Female together in a room. Never the less I did not give up. I learned persistence in life is key, we dress to impress, we feel good for success. There is only so many times you will hear "No" till you get a "Yes!"


As time went on and I met Benjamin, we both loved animals and had so many growing up with our family's. From Cats, Dogs, Bird, Lamas, Donkeys, Chickens, Fish Tanks/ Ponds, Squirrels, Birds, Rabbits, Iguanas, Fennec foxes, Chinchillas, Turtles and more. Together, We have our Bengals. It was both of our dreams when we were younger to breed animals. We made our dreams into a reality, as were here to make yours, where you can enjoy an Exotic Bengal as a pet like I did. The experience is truly priceless.

I had the blessed opportunity to work with other experienced Breeders for several years before starting our own cattery. We are a firm believer to make sure we do it right the first time and to be prepared in what we do. I had taken the proper steps and procedures in doing so and had learned hands on and by observing first hand, what to do and what not to do.

A lot of time, money and our lives are dedicated to our Bengals, it is our world and what makes us happy for every moment is so precious with them. We enjoy being inspirational to others, I have a passion for fashion and became a Fashionista, I have a passion for Bengal Cats and became a Breeder. Never give up on your dreams or passions, you just never know where they might take you.



Spazy & Brittney


Skittles & Benjamin



FAIRYTAILBENGALS is what we chose as a name for several reasons, our life is a fairy tale,  We have  shared our passions and made our dreams into a reality that we get to share with others. I ( Brittney Blake) have always been told I should make a book about my life, also that my unconditional love is a fairy tale. so much revolved around everything being a fairy tale, that it clicked, thats the name that fits. Also there is a amazing anime named FairyTails. 

We thought the name with "tail" instead of "tale" was more fitting besides it is where the "purfect" story begins!

We  have always found nature beautiful and mysterious, millions of thing's to learn and yet even in a lifetime we couldn't learn it all.

As any one, we are still being blessed with experiences in our life, new obstacles to over come and a new journey to take.

Our pets enrich our hearts and are not replaceable even after their time has come they still live on in our memories.

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