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Our Cattery

   We love what we do and do the best in what we love. Our FairyTailCats are showered with lots of affection and attention. We spoil our Bengals, giving them plenty of toys, interaction, love and so much more. Our Bengals are our babies and we treat them as good as we treat ourselves, if we have the best food and water then so do our Bengals. We are a firm believer that you are what you eat and you only shine and do as good as you feel. Our Bengals are very active, they exercise and burn off energy using cat wheels, playing with wands, or go on walks. We love getting them outside to enjoy sunshine but we keep them away from parks public and other animals for sanitary and health purposes. We have a TV that is put on for them to enjoy and get use to Peoples voices and other sounds, toys are important for stimulation and to prevent boredom. Our Bengals are fed when we eat for we eat several times a day, so should they. In order to help not only keeping our Bengals Healthy on the inside, but maintaining their hygiene on the outside, by giving a bath to our Bengals, clip there nails, clean their ears and brush their teeth and fur weekly. Even when we are away from home we use Nest Cameras to check up on our kitties to see what they're doing and even talk to them.


   We use Pellet Litter Systems for our Bengals since it is healthier for them than clay litter since they can get that on their paws and digesting it when licking to clean themselves, plus it helps eliminate the odors better. Our Bengals even have water fountains placed around our home for them to enjoy, some like it and some don't. They enjoy their tree houses and beds and living in luxury. Most of our home is decided to our Bengals, we even built rooms specific for them, for we are a cat family and care for there needs, we do have other animals and to maintain in keeping up with them, giving them the best with time and love, and we will be staying a small cattery. We believe our Bengals deserves the best of everything.

   All of our pictures are taken as is, we only watermark our pictures and files so no one else can steal/claim them, we do not enhance our pictures to make them look better or pay a professional to do our pictures for us, we are firm believers in, "what you see is what you get." In our opinion Bengals are beautiful enough as they are and sometimes photo enchantments may cause an unrealistic expectation. We are black and white when it comes to us, we're very blunt and honest about our cattery and like keeping our client's informed with detail, we have been there in your shoes before, looking for the right Bengal for our home, we can relate to what you want and need.


Kitten Room

The Kitten Room, is where they learn develop and explore on there own.

Kitten Room

After 8 weeks this is where our kittens go, this is where Visitors come and play.

Kitten Room

We put the litter boxes in private area for the kittens to feel comfortable.

Birthing & Nursing Room#1

Our Pregnant Queens go into this room, they have the kittens and also raise them until they are 8 weeks.

Birthing & Nursing Room#1

Our Queens like small spaces in birthing to feel safer and content.

Birthing & Nursing Room#2

This is another room for our pregnant Queens. We are a small cattery and do not have more then a couple litters at once due to we want to be able to care properly for our Queens and the babies.

Birthing & Nursing Room#2

Yes it says MEOWZ for the air holes, each Birthing Den also has vent's.

Pelt Litter System

Pelt Litter Systems are amazing, however please keep in mind to put the opening slide out for the "pads" on the oppsite side as the opening and toward a wall. Why? Because cats will slide it open otherwise and play and that can be a mess.

Pelt Litter System

Example of opening for "pads" on opposite side of opening.


Juniper in the female Den, all of our Dams do roam freely throughout the house at times. We do not have to worry about them spraying like a male does, however doesn't mean they cannot.

Girls Den

Our Dams loves running their wheel and having lots of room to roam around.

Neros Den

Our Dens get changed up from time to time so our kitties have new thing's to enjoy and look at, we wouldn't want to eat always the same foods or look out the same window, why would they? We are very compassionate with our animals and put ourselves in their paws.


Nero loves being up high, all of our Sire Den's are individual, unlike the females we cannot have our males in the same Den. This is very important especially for mating time.

Neros Den

Our Sire Dens are all set up where they have room to roam and run and have pee pads down to help them to pee in a designated area, this helps us with cleaning. Males that are still intact will spray a lot so we try to maintain and control the environment as much as we can where they are spoiled and happy. Our males also are taken out and held when watching movies or at the computer, they are walked outside as well from time to time.

We personally welcome you to come visit and experience the joy and wonder right before your eyes,

see our cattery live and in person. We have built a lot of rooms and dedicated them as well as our home to our kitties and love doing this.

The enjoyment of having mini leopards in our home and bring part of our world to yours with

our Bengals is something of a lifetime that no one can just explain until they experience it first hand.

The Process

It took a lot of debate on how we were going to set up our Cattery. How do we know once it is set up it will work?

With time, money, and hardship we have carefully put together our Cattery in order to be successful at Breeding within our Program just so we can provide you the best.

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