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Things To Know

All links listed above are wonderful tools of information on Bengals

Learn their spotting types, color coats, pelt glitter, as well as all the DNA tests, or diseases you should be aware of.

Know your Bengals before purchasing one.

Be informed on the Health and what Bengals require.

How to identify a Bengal?

Where did they come from?

Bengals are considered "Exotic" because there not naturally born into existence, they were genetically altered to be created.

Bengals are hypoallergenic to most but not all, there is still a chance an allergic reaction could occur.

Generally desired, Brown & White Bengals, However Brown and Silvers are dominate genes.

Brown, White and Silver Bengals are recognized colors and unrecognized colors are Charcoals Blues and Melanstics

keep in mind this does not make them undesirable if there not unrecognized, depending on a persons preference all Bengals are sold.

"Pure for Spotting" is worth more then "Marble" Bengals.

Breeders DNA Test there Bengals to not only see there color pool for what they carry but also to make sure they are "Clear" of any Diseases.

Check out Guidelines for Buying a Bengal

Micro-chipping is very important, there is a high chance that micro-chipping your pet will help reunite you and your pet if that pet gets lost or runs away.

Make Sure your Breeder is registered with a Cat Association, and has a certification for there cats.  

With a title, you can bring your kitten or cat to Cat Shows and possibly win ribbons or recognition for your Bengal.

Bengals are a little different then normal cats, they're very intelligent and hyper, yes they can be naughty but they all have a unique personality, yes they have dog like behaviors and they are trainable.

Test your own kitten if you like, through UC DAVIS or OPTIMAL SELECTIONS

Bengals love affection and burning their energy, please check with our KITTEN CARESHEET in order to know what Bengals require.

It is Important to know how to properly care for your Bengal

what Diet's they need such as Foods Water and Hygiene

Toys affection proper exercise

Medical vet check ups and care

Want to get Insurance on your Bengal?

Don't want to get Scammed when looking for a Kitten?

Know the signs, ask questions.

Protect yourself!


Before purchasing a kitten or putting any money down: 

   Save yourself "Stress, Time, Money and Heart Break", know how to avoid Scammers;You should always make sure that the breeder is updated and shown on at least one organization website such as or, some breeders may have there certification but may have been rejected or kicked from an Association due to many reasons. Be aware and know you are getting a real breeder and they are not claiming false advertisement.

Call the Cattery Registry Agency to verify they are active and in good standing.

   Unfortunately not all breeders are ethical, this isn't limited to Bengal Breeders ether. Be sure the Breeder isn't all talk and they can provide proof of documentation. Whether you choose a kitten from FairyTailBengals or some where else, make sure you know what your getting and that they do the proper steps in taking care of their kittens/Cats!

  Be aware of "Dog and Cat Mills". Trust your guts, if the Breeder is avoiding you on showing you there Cattery, chances are they are not properly taking care of it, or potentially your Kitten you would be buying from them. Maybe the Breeder only has a FaceBook but Not Registered with a Cat Association so you wont be getting any "certification title" of that kitten or the "pedigree" on where it came from.  Maybe you will see Kitten pictures advertised but offers No Information on them only, "We have Kittens, and asks/tells you to put a "Deposit" quickly or ASAP or only contacts you through "text or email and avoids calls". Buy at your own risk.


   A Kittens Price shouldn't be your only concern. Always make sure the Breeder provides a Contract for some kind of guarantee and what the Cattery services offer and entail on your Kitten. Keep in mind nothing is 100% guaranteed in life so please use your best judgement on any Breeders Contracts, read thoroughly, all Contracts are different, they are at least used for some kind of warranty on protecting you as a Buyer and the Seller.

   Other Breeders might suggest a friend Breeder they know or themselves, just because someone suggest someone doesn't mean that they are good breeders. It's up to you to do the research, gather proper information, ask the questions, see the signs and be informed. Take your time in finding the Kitten right for you, don't rush your decision.



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