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Why Feed Raw?

Cats are actually obligate carnivores, just like we need certain nutrition's so do they, we however cannot digest raw meat but lucky like a tiger in their natural habitat, Bengals can. The nutrition they require come from the meat, organs and bones of other animals. The most ideal and natural way for them to consume the raw state needed is by us making it for the the health and  controlled way, with store FDA approved chicken and proper contents in prepping and preparing for our Bengal cats. Eating cooked food is "not" natural for cats, they don't have a stove out in the middle of the desert with hands like us to set the timer and cook it to the right temperature. They we're made to eat raw as all carnivores are made to eat and digest the raw meat.


Cats also get most of their water from eating raw meat, just like our bodies are made up of 60% water or more, so are other animals. Our store bought cat and dog foods aren't bad but they need more then just this as a diet, and if you feed a cat only dry food, it may become dehydrated and become ill. Cats that eat only dry food often get a urinary tract infection and no one wants that, so we prevent this by doing the right steps with proper dieting to ensure our cat's don't get a urinary tract infection.


We do however feed our cats wet cat food but stay away from any cat food at contains rice or grains and anything that doesn't say for the first couple of food ingredients that are natural foods. If you happen to pick up a wet can of cat food and read: Guar Gum, Tripolyphosphate, Potassium Chloride, meat-by products for the first words and you don't see any natural ingredients like: Fish Broth, Tuna, liver, chicken. We suggest you put the can down and look for another brand. It is important that there are more natural ingredients. Normally Commercial cat food often contain cheap indigestible fillers and other things like Ashes, make sure you never feed any animal with any food containing ashes in it, this can cause liver and kidney problems as well as cancer and other issues.

We finely grind our raw diet till the consistency is mushy, so that we do not have our cats choking or dragging chicken around the room. 

Our Formulas

Raw Diet is served close to room temperature or heated slightly in a conventional oven to just warm up, "Do Not Cook".
Chicken Legs Quarters with bones in them

We grind this in a large meat grinder bones and all. We tend to use thighs because they have the right amount of meat and bone. 

For a little at a time, home made formula set you use:
1. Six pounds of chicken leg quarters (thighs) with the bones and skin
2. 1/2 pound of chicken gizzards (liver, gizzards, heart)
3. Five heaping tablespoons of unsweetened canned 100% pumpkin
4. 1 3/4 cup of water 
5. Kitty Bloom VM900 +3.   Add two tablespoons of this to the 6lbs of chicken.  
6. Mix thoroughly, seal in a non- leak containers, place in freezer.


For a bulk at a time, home made formula set you use:

1. 2 bags of Ten pounds of chicken leg quarters (thighs) with the bones and skin

2. 1.25 lbs of chicken gizzards (liver, gizzards, heart)

3. 1 whole can of unsweetened canned 100% pumpkin

4. 5 cups of water

5. Kitty Bloom VM900 +3.   Add six tablespoons of this to the 20lbs of chicken.  

6. Mix thoroughly, seal in a non- leak containers, place in freezer.

(you will need a lot of medium to small containers)

We usually grind up 20 - 40 pounds of this mixture at a time and then put it in medium/small plastic containers and freeze. If you do not want to grind up chickens you may find it easier to feed your cats a pre-ground raw like "instinct brand", but do keep in mind you will be spending a lot more money as almost four times as much for the convince of buying it pre-made, verse you taking 25 minutes out of the day to do this once a month for your Bengal and knowing what was placed into the formula. If there is any light yellowing of the chicken it is probably just freezer burnt, you can cut that off with a knife before grinding it up however use your best judgement, make sure your chicken is fresh.

When ready to serve, please make sure it's de-thawed in refrigerator, only keep meat in medium to small containers and only let each container in the refrigerator up to three days max.

When feeding your Bengal make sure to feed them at least 2 times daily once in the morning and once at night and to feed them 1/4 a cup of Raw Diet. Please check the food within 15-20 minutes after feeding the Raw Diet to your cat, in-case your cat doesn't want to eat it all at once, to help prevent any parasites pick up the cats raw diet, you can ether throw it away or place in a separate container and back into your refrigerator for later. We only reheat once more and throw away if the Bengal doesn't want it. Bengals are very intelligent, so Bengals will chow down the raw and very few Bengals may not take to it, this all depends on to what kinda chicken you use as well as what you mix together, so make sure you stick to the Formula and same chicken/gizzards we use. Also we recommend no using any animals that were hunted out in the wild, it is important that it is USDA or FDA approved to make sure it is screen to avoid any bacteria or parasites.

In-case you want to get your other cats in on the action, just mix the raw diet in with some of their wet canned cat food and normally after a week they will take to it no problem, it's a healthy way of weaning them to a new diet.


Weston #32 Commercial Meat Grinder & Sausage Stuffer

We use a Weston 32" grinder, make sure the item number for this Weston 32' is # (10-3201-W). There several different items numbers out there the newest one is what we use, however a  Weston 22' grinder will work as well but will take more time when grinding and you might have to cut up the chicken into smaller chunks first. The grinders are expensive ranging anywhere from $500 - $900, but they will last if you maintain your grinder, which you can also use for other things not just your kitties.



Weston Heavy Duty Meat Lug, Freezer Safe

It is important to buy a Meat Lug, 40lbs or 50lbs Capacity Lug minimum.



Our Bulk Formula We Use

Step by Step

Step 1: Chicken

prepare 2 bags of 10lbs chicken leg quarters, have ready to be grinned.

Put the 1.25lb container of chicken gizzards in with the chicken down the grinder.

Step 2: Weston 32" Grinder

Take your chicken and gizzards, slowly put one by one down the opening hole of the meat grinder, please use the right tool's to shove it down

"Do Not" put your hand down the hole with the chicken or gizzards.

After they are all grinned, it should look mushy.

Step 3: 100% pumpkin

Add 1 whole can of unsweetened canned 100% pumpkin into your mixture.

Step 4: Kitty Bloom VM900 +3

Add six tablespoons of kitten bloom VM900 +3 to the 20lbs of chicken and the 1.25lbs of gizzards you just grinned up.

Step 5: Water

Add 5 cups of water to the mixture

(the image shows for our smaller formula mixture with 6lbs of chicken)

Step 6: Finished With the Rawr Diet

Mix thoroughly, place mixture in non - leak proof containers and then place in the freezer. (use medium to small containers)

Step 7: Clean up the Grinder

Now that your Weston 32' meat grinder is all meaty and not clean, you must wash it out and clean it up, please use only a little soupy water and scrub then wash off with water and dry immediately make sure there no water drops lingering about.

Step 8: Use the Power of Pam

Woot, your grinder is all clean,  but don't forget "Pam original", use it to spray all over the grinder parts that you use and whatever was washed, this will help keep it oiled maintaining the grinder and prolonging it's usage. Use Pam before and after every time you use your meat grinder.

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